What's YOUR nail it ?

10% of every purchase will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 

This handmade sterling silver jewelry "Nail It" series emerged because I wanted something tangible to wear to remind me that I'm resilient, strong and I can overcome challenges.  I wanted a simple but obvious (to me) design to shout out a strong, empowering message, Nail ItWe all have challenges in our lives, something we want to conquer, it could be a positive personal goal such as landing a new job or removing a negative habit, such as cracking your knuckles. What's your nail it?  It can be motivating when we wear a tangible object to remind us we have an inner warrior and we can and will persevere and overcome life's obstacles.  It's a physical reminder that helps to propel us to push on and fight through the trying experiences and challenges we encounter in our daily lives. A talisman to keep our fighting spirit and strength in the forefront of our minds and purpose.

This sterling silver Nail It series came from a sense of frustration & lack of control I was feeling during a challenging period in my life. Creating this series allowed me to turn overwhelming feelings into a powerful positive physical reminder to never stop believing in myself and to never give up on myself. To not allow other people's beliefs, reactions and opinions undermine, influence or override my choices, thoughts, feelings and sense of purpose. 

Creating jewelry was my anchor in the storm and I will always be grateful and aware that it is a gift and one that makes me happy to do and share.  My experiences with coping with cancer have been the impetus to give back to causes that help fight in the battle against cancer.  The charity I am donating to is St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

because creating makes me happy...





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