Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude forges strong bonds between americans and their military and first responder heroes through volunteer service projects, acts of gratitude, and meaningful engagements in communities nationwide. 
10% of each sale from this site will be donated to Operation Gratitude.

This handmade brass heart brooch emerged because I wanted to create something tangible to wear to remind us all that the most important things in our lives are each other.  I wanted a simple but obvious (to me) design to shout out a strong, empowering message; REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE.  We are all dealing with many unknowns right now and walking through unfamiliar territories.  Some of us are extremely fortunate because we have food, shelter, we can pay our bills, go for solitary walks, lots of time to think and maybe spend with those we are sheltering in place with.  For others it's a very different story, one that will forever change their core being and how they live their lives.  They are struggling to provide food, shelter, education for their children and loved ones. They may be dealing with death and despair every day.  They may be isolated from a loved one who is battling this horrible virus. They are putting their lives on the line for us every day by getting up, getting dressed and purposely going into unknown situations in the public.


The creation of this brass heart brooch came from me feeling like that people have not been united and supportive of one another during the past 9 months.  We are facing so many controversial, uncontrollable and unforeseen crises one after the other that we are feeling anxious, divided and a huge sense of loss of control in our lives.  I want to try to give back to others in whatever small way I can.  Creating jewelry allows me to do something I love and donate some proceeds to charities that are helping others during this crisis.

For me I feel that the common denominator this pandemic should bring to the forefront of every persons life and the lesson we should learn from it is WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. We will not get to the other side of the darkness unless we all come together and cooperate to help each other. 


This brass heart brooch is a physical reminder to help to inspire us to reach out to those around us and offer our help.  It doesn't have to be huge, sometimes just smiling at a stranger will make that person feel good in that moment and that is what's important. To give someone hope to push on and fight through the trying experiences and challenges we encounter in our daily lives. A talisman to remind us to keep our spirits positive, to find the strength to keep moving forward and keep those thoughts in the forefront of our minds and purpose.

Creating jewelry has been my anchor in many storms and I will always be grateful and aware that it is a gift and one that makes me happy to do and share. 10% of each sale on this site will be donated to Operation Gratitude throughout the 2020. 

because lifting other's spirits makes me happy...