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10% of each purchase from this site will be donated to charity

My experiences dealing with cancer and living life after cancer have been the impetus to donate to causes that help others.  Throughout the year I change up the charity that I contribute to. 10% of each sale from this site will be donated to charity.

This handmade brass heart brooch emerged because I wanted to create something tangible to remind us that the most important things in our lives are each other.  I wanted a simple but obvious (to me) design to shout out a strong, empowering message; REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE. We all deal with many unknowns in our lives. But dealing with these challenges without support is really tough to do.


Creating jewelry allows me to do something I love and donate some proceeds to charities that help others.   Creating has been my anchor in many storms and I will always be grateful and aware that it is a gift and one that makes me happy to do and share. 10% of every sale will be donated to charity. 


The brass heart brooch is a physical reminder inspiring me to reach out and offer to help others.  Your version of help doesn't have to be huge, sometimes just smiling at a stranger will make that person feel good in that moment and that is what's important. To give someone hope to push on and fight through the trying experiences and challenges encountered in our daily lives matters. Having a tangible talisman can help remind us to keep our spirits positive, to find the strength to keep moving forward and keep hope, belief and  perseverance in the forefront of our minds and purpose.

because creating makes me happy...
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