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This is truly the only one of it's kind in existence.  The process for creating the sterling silver focal point of this piece is created from sterling silver that has been melted (liquefied), it is then poured over dried beans nesting in a coffee can.  The melted metal conforms around the beans.  After the metal has cooled, I remove the beans. The next step is to solder individual sterling posts to the form.  I can then place round stones in the areas where the beans created pockets.  This casting process is very organic and the artist has no control over the end results.  Sometimes I re-do many castings until I get a form I like.  I haven't done beading work in a long time and I like the way the 10mm carnelian stones complement the cast piece.  16 inches in length with a sterling silver clasp. 

Carnelian & Sterling Silver Cast Pendant

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