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I fell in love with this brick pattern becasue I thought it was the perfect application to write a message in graffiti.  I came up with this design just so I could use the brick wall pattern and have the wearer be able to change their "graffiti statement" whenever they want.  The enamel piece is lacquered allowing the wearer to wipe the dog tag clean to write a new message whenever they want.  I hand roll the copper sheet through the rolling mill to imprint the brick pattern. I then torch fire enamel on the copper.  With this process you will never get the same color results, which creates a truly unique piece.  The dog tags shown in photo are prototypes.  I will custom make yours when you order. The piece you receive will hang from an 18" sterling silver ball chain like military dog tags hang from.  I can also substitute a stick pin back on request.

Enameled Copper Brick Wall Graffiti Dog Tag Necklace

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