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I am a huge fan of labradorite stones.  A high quality Labradorite will exhibit a lot of flash when it's turned toward the light. This stone has a lot of that flash and does not need any embellishmnet to capture the eye. I wanted to see if a stone on stone setting could enhance this labradorite without making it over the top. I think I achieved my goal.


I set the labradorite stone with a green tourmaline hoping to pick up the flash of greens in the labradorite stone.  The colorings in this stone remind me of a stained glass window, I cut out the sterling silver backplate in a pattern that to me resembles stained glass.  I fell in love with this piece during the design and eecided to keep it for myself. I also made sterling silver and tourmaline earrings to match the necklace.

Labradorite and Tourmaline Sterling Silver Stone on Stone Pendant Necklace

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