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This is a natural pyrite sun.  Pyrite suns are spectacular disk shaped mineral concretions of iron sulfide and minor amounts of marcasite.  The crystal structures were formed deep undergorund under great pressure about 350 million years ago. This disk was mined from Illinois.  


I wanted to create a setting for this pyrite sun pendant that enhanced the beauty of this pyrite sun  from every angle.  I also wanted a setting that stood up to the natural splendor of the stone and in my opinion simple prongs just wouldn't do it justice.  So I created this sterling silver frame to surround the pyrite stone and create a one of a kind pendant.


The pyrite sun crystal measures 1.85" x 1.90". The sterling silver frame is 2.5 inches round.  The pyrite sun pendant hangs from 16 inch triple strand sterling silver textured ball chain.


This sterling silver pyrite sun pendant is part of my personal collection. I do have 3 pyrite stones in inventory. I plan on creating 3 additional pyrite sun pendants usiung this frame setting. I will post when they are available.

Pyrite Sun Pendant Necklace

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