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Serendipity is what the name of this ring should be. It just came together practically on it's own from various pieces sitting on my bench. This stone and setting had been sitting on my work bench for ages. The day I made this, I just picked it up and started to play with a variety of (tossed aside for another day) sterling pieces. Hand fabricated sterling silver and Rutilated Quartz ring. Size 9.

Rutilated Quartz is said to have the properties of both quartz and tourmaline. Some believe the luck in this stone is very strong and use it by rubbing it when luck is needed. The clear quartz is said to be an amplifier while the black tourmaline is thought to be a cleansing, grounding influence. Assists with clear thinking, protects from unhealthy energies, clears energy patterns.

Sterling Silver & Rutilated Quartz Ring

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