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This is a brand new series that is still in the creation stage.  I recently took a trip to St. Louis to visit my daughter.  There is a beautiful urban park, Forest Park, that is close to her apartment. I collected some fallen Ginkgo leaves while strolling throught the park one day.  I've scanned the leaves and reduced and/or enlarged them, then I trace them to the sterling silver and saw out the leaves.  They are than hammer textured and formed.  I think the series will consist of the double leaf neck wire, a double leaf bracelet (in my head) and either the double leaf wrap ring (shown) or a single leaf ring (in my head) and a set of hoop earrings (in my head and still to be made).  If you are interested in one of these designs please feel free to drop me an email or text.   The series will be made in sterling silver but can be available in brass upon request.

Sterling Silver Hand Made Ginkgo Leaf Necklace

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